Film: Guild Wars


For the first film post in this blog, I was considering a lot of different topics. I was considering discussing the late Heath Ledger, but I couldn’t handle all those tears messing with my keyboard. Maybe I’ll do that at a later date.

Instead, I want to talk about the Writers’ Guild of America. I’ll preface this by saying that I am unabashedly in support of their strike, and their goals in it. The producers have been selfish and greedy, and the writers have proven that the producers are essentially up a creek without any material to produce.

That said, I feel confident enough to say that we will see an end to the strike by March. Why do I say that?

Because the WGA are geniuses.

They have been making deals with a handful of smaller studios individually, as opposed to the AMPTP as a whole, and already has individual deals in place.

What this means is that there is already new writing being done for United Artists, Spyglass, Lionsgate and Marvel. So effectively any fear of there not being new movies in theaters is gone, because production will shortly start on films from these smaller companies, with only small hiccups as far as scheduling goes. The bigger studios like Universal, Warner Brothers and Disney will pretty immediately see that if they let this happen, they will lose a LOT of money to these studios, and if this whole strike has proven anything, it’s that these producers will never pass up any opportunity to make a buck.

So, I’m calling that within two months, the rest of the studios will bite the bullet, reach an agreement with the Writer’s Guild, and everything will be peachy and happy.

That is, until the Screen Actors’ Guild strikes in five months.

–Brad Canze, The CM Life Movie Dude


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