Film: I still can’t quit you


I feel kind of bad about doing multiple posts while nobody else is writing. Mostly because that probably means nobody is reading yet, either. But I digress, I can’t help it if I’m just that ahead of the curve. I’m a forward-thinking, future-oriented dude.

Of course that’s a load of crap. If I were future-oriented, I’d be going into a line of work that pays reasonable money.

Anyways, just to prove that I was not joking about writing about Heath Ledger, allow me to present BENEVOLENT BRAD’S FABULOUS FOUR HEATH LEDGER MOVIES.

This is a tough list to pick, because although Ledger did some great work, his most appealing aspect as an actor was his potential. He had more raw talent than filmmakers seemed to know what to do with, and I think he could have been making great movies for decades to come. I think he could have been our generation’s Dustin Hoffman, Jack Nicholson or (yes, I dare say it) Marlon Brando. I think this summer’s “Dark Knight” will give us a taste of what we’ll be missing out on.

Take the jump for the list.

4. A Knight’s Tale:

So, definitely not the best movie in the world. Way too many jousting scenes, and all the references to the 1970s in a film set in the 1370s, while funny, were straight-up weird. However, there was some great acting in that movie. Heath Ledger played the young hero fantastically. He was charming and confident, and had great hair. If you’re watching a movie for a realistic representation of the Middle Ages, go anywhere but here (besides “Men In Tights”), but if you want to just watch a fun, stupid movie, this is a great one. Plus, this is the first real leading man role Ledger had, and one he could show off to producers to prove he had the strength to carry a movie.

3. 10 Things I Hate About You:

Yes, I know I should have to turn in my Man Card for liking this movie, but goshdarnit, it’s a strong chick flick, its source material is Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew,” and the leads are both so darned pretty. This is the first major film Ledger starred in, and his acting is good by teen-aimed chick-flick standards. However, the thing I like most about Heath as far as this film goes, is that he didn’t immediately go and make seven more rom-coms just like this one, and instead waited around for the parts he wanted to play.

2. Lords of Dogtown:

Taking the roll of burnout surf shop owner Skip Engblom resulted in the best character work Heath Ledger has ever done (pending the release of “Dark Knight”). Taking on a voice, attitude, look, and physical mannerisms completely different from his own, Ledger totally pulled one over one me. I never guessed that he was the actor in that role, until I saw the credits. Although opinions on the movie itself may differ (but as far as skateboarding movies go, the choice between this or garbage like “Grind” or “Thrashin'” is a no-brainer), Ledger turns in a performance that is far and away the bright spot of the film.

1.Brokeback Mountain

Frat boys may make jokes about it, and many of them probably have never even seen it. Yes, the two leads of this movie are two extremely good looking men who portray cowboys that have sex with eachother. Get over it. Both are fantastic actors who do great work here, and are a large part of an incredible and gorgeous film. Quite a few of Ledger’s previous films had failed to hit big, and this movie proved that he was more than a pretty face, and had the acting chops of a big-budget leading man.

State News Fitness Reporter Thea Neal says I’m lame for leaving “Monster’s Ball” off my list. Having not seen it, and typically avoiding Halle Berry where I can, I can’t really say, so tell me what you think. Should “Monster’s Ball” have made the Fabulous Four? Should there be another movie up here? Does the fact that I’m even listing Heath Ledger movies invalidate the gender identity that nature bestowed on me? Leave a comment and let me know.

Brad Canze, the CM Life Movie Dude


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2 Responses to “Film: I still can’t quit you”

  1. Thea Says:

    Frat boys only joke about Brokeback Mountain because they all have secret homo tendencies themselves. I’m waiting for the gay fraternity brother movie to come out.

    Also, Halle Berry is hot.

    And finally, good list. Although Brokeback Mountain is kind of a given….

  2. margy Says:

    I think Casanova should be on it.

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