Sweet Michigan Thrift Stores


Hey all! Again Ashley and I are very excited to do this blog. We hope we can bring style news and updates (global to local) to CMU and prove Michiganians do not just wear cargo pants (they’re great utility pants don’t get me wrong)…

This past weekend I had the chance to visit some friends in Traverse City and see some great bands. In addition to Traverse City’s  rich music scene they also have some of my favorite vintage and thrift stores in Michigan. A few summers ago I had the opportunity to visit Ella’s Vintage and Retro Apparel, located downtown 157 E. Front St. Here is where my vintage clothing education started. Although a little expensive, owner Wendy Buhr-Dorman offers mid to high end designers both vintage and retro inspired.

Another great place in TC is Zany Consignment Boutique which recently moved from a small two room shack to a five plus room house.  Located 318 Vine St. owner Kate Kohler offers a variety of designer brands like DKNY in addition to beautiful vintage clothing and jewelry. During my last visit I found the best multi-layered gold and pearl necklace and silver Native American earrings all at a great price.

Even TC’s Goodwill is chocked full of great finds. A while back I found a Christian Dior belt and only paid $1. So if you’re looking for something interesting and unique I would recommend almost any vintage or thrift store in Traverse City. It may be a little out of the way (a little over 2 hours) but sometimes fashion is worth that sacrifice. Ashley and I will be posting different stores we go to periodically so keep a look out. Peace all…Rebecca



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