Its Super Tuesday:Celebrate your candidate in style!


Hello all! Last night as I left my friends house pondering the excitement I had for Super Tuesday, and flipped my car into a ditch….no worries it was my mother’s car and nothing was too terribly damaged. Yet, as I climbed out of the driver side window I felt a sense of relief to realize I was wearing my Obama t-shirt. obamatshirt1.jpg Thats right, the way any of us fashionistas celebrate anything is by wearing it. Personally Im an advocate for Obama and found the perfect “Obama for your mama” t-shirt with a picture of his big smiling face (so cute). But if Obama is not your candidate, no worries there are plenty of options to support your man or woman.First a little information about Super Tuesday:-The first Super Tuesday took place March 9, 1988.-On this day 22 states will vote for their candidate in the primaries.  Great options are available for any candidate and if your not sure about one person but support a party check out the t-shirts and bags hillry.jpeg             rebtee.jpeg         demortee.jpeg      dembag.jpeg         indbg.jpeg      rebbag.jpeg  Remember fashion is not just about style but also relaying a message…so get out there and support your team!*Another quick note in fashion and politics: This morning I received an email from American Apparel revealing their choices for Presidential candidacy. For democrats they endorsed Obama and McCain for republican. Their reason; both of these candidates have shown promise on their stance for immigration. American Apparel produces many products from t-shirts to dresses and typically hire immigrants but pay them well above minimum wage in California (main office located in LA). If your interested on more information from American Apparel: www.americanapparel.netPeace all~Ashley Barlow  


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