CM Life sports blog: The beginning


Because it’s better late than never …

CM Life is starting a sports blog. We will have a post at least every Tuesday/Wednesday. If an event or story is urgent and needs to be blogged about, we’ll do it. Like the Saints of South Boston said, “We’re like 7-Eleven — we’re not always doing business, but we’re always open.”

Every Tuesday you can expect a blog of some sort from myself, Dan Monson, or another member of the sports staff. We’ll also try to link to any other articles/videos pertaining to CMU sports, or MAC sports in general.

Here goes …

The wrestling team dominated Buffalo on Saturday, winning 32-3. I frequent a message board at for my wrestling news, so I suggest using their message board if you want to talk wrestling.

Here a link to a thread on Central’s win against the Bulls.

Granted, there’s wasn’t much said about the dual, so get out there and give them some CMU talk. Another great place for wrestling news is It has feature articles, rankings and scores. Here are the latest team rankings, with CMU holding at No. 5.

Elsewhere, the men’s basketball team moved to 4-4 with a double-overtime win Saturday against Buffalo. (Sidenote: Buffalo is lousy at pretty much everything in the MAC since I’ve been here. I just feel compelled to type that everytime Central plays Buffalo.) With the MAC at midseason, the MAC report offers its midseason awards. Only Giordan Watson was mentioned in the Player of the Year race.

Central has won six in a row at Rose Arena, but is 0-4 in the MAC on the road. Not that it’s especially noteworthy, but here’s a youtube video of CMU’s win against Cal State Fullerton.

– Robbie Sgro


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