Look of the Week: High Rise Denim


Hey all! When Rebecca and I started this blog we wanted to add a look of the week, a trend thats in now but you may not see often on campus. For the first week we thought high rise denim would be a good topic as they were re-introduced not to long ago and still have some staying power. 


This retro rise first hit the fashion scene in the 70s and 80s with Farah Faucet and Charlie’s Angels. After the 90s we saw the waist of pants drop drastically to ultra low rise which is not always flattering.  Although often called “mom jeans” these new high rise styles can offer a certain sex appeal and create a new and interesting silhouette. 

High rise jeans with a wide leg can create length and height (what girl doesn’t want that?). Also the high waist cinches at your torso which is the narrowest part of your body creating curves. These jeans are great for curvy women but generally can be worn by all. Also, because of the high waist, a darker wash could be worn in the office with a nice collared shirt tucked in or worn with a sexy top for night life.

These styles are popping up in more accessible places like Urban Outfitters, Levi’s and urban style boutiques. I found mine at Little Bohemia in Grand Rapids, MI.  Even is this style ends soon they can be worn under a shirt instead of tucked in for great tummy control. I hope you enjoy and remember fashion is all about taking chances but make sure it is still your own. Peace all~Ashley Barlow



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