Get real President Rao


University President Michael Rao is just doing his job when he lobbies for more money from the state.

Like any other good university president, he wants the best for his institution. But he needs to get back to reality if he thinks CMU is going to get more funding from the state of Michigan. He made his case in a guest column in Sunday’s Detroit Free Press.

He writes how CMU is receiving the same appropriation in real dollars as 10 years ago. He talks about how most CMU students are from the state of Michigan and stay after graduation.

All of the above are true.

But if he can find a way for the state to churn out more money, then he should be Gov. Jennifer Granholm’s chief financial officer. More funding for CMU — or for any other Michigan institution for that matter — isn’t coming anytime soon.

It’s a shame, but it’s the harsh reality. President Rao needs to get back to that reality.


One Response to “Get real President Rao”

  1. Observer Says:

    Perhaps CMU would have more money for needy students, struggling with increased tuition, if Mike Rao would stop wasting dollars on ridiculous speakers like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and others. And then there’s the $3,000-an-hour the school pays Gary Peters.

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