Film: Tuesday cleanup


So there’s just a few bits and pieces I want to get out there to the five or so people who will read this.

-Firstly, after my massively massive Academy Awards blog post Sunday night, I wrote a column for tomorrow’s paper about the Awards, and an Academy Awards-themed Lifeline Picks.  I am now as sick of the Academy Awards as I am of beards, after the facial hair coverage I wrote last week.

If you happen to be a bearded man named Oscar, I will probably never, ever talk to you.

-More importantly, Variety is reporting that director Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon have signed on to make a fourth “Bourne” movie, and I really disagree with that decision.  The Bourne movies were a trilogy.  In “Identity” it was “book open,” and in “Ultimatum” it was “book closed.”  Call the new movie “The Bourne Redundancy.”

– Also, THE SMURFS is coming out on DVD!  Squeal!

-Finally, in an addendum to my post on internet videos last week, Leave It To Skullcleaver, CMU Student and genius Paul Isakson’s likely-illegitimate brainchild, has finally been posted online for public consumption.

Watch it, love it, then email the MHTV executive staff to tell them how big a mistake it was that they didn’t pick this up when Paul pitched it to the as a TV show. 

Later gators.

–Brad Canze, the CM Life Movie Dude


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