Wednesday’s illustration of Pope causes controversy


By David Harris, Editor in Chief

Call me insensitive. Call me stupid.
But I don’t really see anything wrong with the illustration depicting Pope Benedict XVI in Wednesday’s lifeline section front of Central Michigan Life.
Apparently others feel differently.
I have received a number of phone calls and letters to the editor expressing that depiction was in poor taste. People have said they were offended by the picture.
They say it is demeaning toward the pope. One caller even suggested it reminded him of the sex scandal with priests and little boys.
Another caller said that the media often portrays Catholics in the negative light, and he is tired of it.
All I see is an illustration poking fun of how the Catholic Church moved St. Patty’s day from Monday to Friday. It’s light-hearted.
It has nothing to do with previous Church scandals nor is it trying to demean the pope.
A caller said that my position was ignorant. I guess we have a difference of opinion.
If you were to put an illustration of a black man with a big lip and he was being hung, the caller said, there would be an outrage. True, there would be an outrage.
But to compare an illustration of that nature to the one in Wednesday’s CM Life is way out of whack.
Two callers demanded a retraction and apology. There will be none, not because it would hurt my ego, but because it is unnecessary.
Obviously, we welcome any and all criticisms in CM Life. It is important that we get as many voices as possible.

Before hanging up, a caller asked me not to put anything like that in the newspaper anymore. All I ask is that you have a bit of a sense of humor.


2 Responses to “Wednesday’s illustration of Pope causes controversy”

  1. Peter Lawrence Says:

    ok fine….if its not demeaning or insensitive to the Catholic Church then the next time you have an article on diversity within the African American Community i want you to take the picture of the pope you ran on wednesday and color his skin black and put some street clothes on him instead of his papal attire and keep everything else the same…..especially his face and then run that in the paper on the front page and see what kind of response you get. Part of the reason i was angry wasn’t just the picture that you ran but the fact that you would never run a similar pictur of a muslim or a black or a jew yet you did it to a Catholic and are targeting them specifically….. that’s why its upsetting…especially since nearly every issue of cmlife preaches acceptance, tolerance and diversity…hmm i guess those words only apply to homosexuals, blacks, jews, asians, and muslims but not to Catholics. So if you want to correct this mistake either run an article about black people with the same picture you ran of the pope with the skin and clothes change but keep the expression on his face and see what happens….or print either a retraction or a formal apology in the paper for the poor taste cm-life had to run that picture…

  2. Peter Lawrence Says:

    p.s. don’t worry about the reaction you might get if run the picture that i have suggested… i mean after all….. “All I ask is that you have a bit of a sense of humor.” So apparently you will have nothing to fear by running that picture

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