Film: No Country for Old Men on DVD


Academy Award winner for 2008 Best Film “No Country for Old Men” has been out on DVD for a few weeks now, and since its DVD release I have watched it three times, in addition to my theatrical viewing earlier in this year.

[Tangent from main point of post] At the beginning of the semester, I declared “Grindhouse” the best film of 2007, because I was only qualifying films that I had seen in 2007. A few weeks later, I retracted that and said “Juno” was the best film of 2007. Then I saw “No Country,” and I was inspired to make sure to hatch my chickens before counting them.

As far as 2007’s best goes, I’ve flip-flopped more than John Kerry wearing sandals. This year, I intend to see every major movie before making such a decision. But I wasn’t a film columnist last year, so that’s my excuse. [/Tangent]

Best film of ’07 or not, “No Country” is going to be is going to be one of those films that must be in any serious film jock’s DVD collection, or his film-nerd friends will ridicule him.

The disc for the movie is pretty bare-bones. The visual transfer is pretty quality. It looks just as good as it did in theaters, although I never remembered it being quite so dark.

The audio transfer is also clean, which is vital to this film. The audio was quite sparse and utilitarian, meaning that it is a very quiet movie, but every sound and line of dialogue is of the utmost importance.

The DVD houses only three supplemental features. There are three behind the scenes featurettes, one about the general making-of, one with the cast and crew talking about working under directors Joel and Ethan Coen, and the last one focusing on Tommy Lee Jones’s experience filming the movie. Although there is certainly some interesting insights in the featurettes, the content in the three of them can begin to get redundant. It feels like they’re holding out on the public for a “SUPER SPECIAL EIGHT DISC HOLY FREAKING CRAP BUY THIS MOVIE AGAIN EDITION” in a few years’ time

.But bottom line, did I buy this film? Yes.

Did I love it? With all my heart.

Will I buy an eight disc holy crap edition? In a heartbeat.

This film is really that good, and really is worth it. I would recommend buying it, but purchase or not, everybody owes it to themselves to see this movie.

UPDATE: Whoa, somehow my formatting got ALL messed up.  Fixed.


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