Film: HUGE news


A friend at a popular film news site has given me this story, which other sites haven’t started picking up yet.

A source close to the production has leaked information about Martin Scorsese’s next movie, after his currently filming “Shutter Island.”

His next announced project was a biopic of Theodore Roosevelt, but the word is he was so excited about this new project that he’s pushing the Roosevelt movie back a year.

Martin Scorsese will be directing Crash Bandicoot: The Movie.

Scorsese insists that this is not a video game cash-in, and he is intent to delve into the fertile dramatic potential of the Crash Bandicoot series.

The film will be an intense, suspenseful character piece, focusing on the nature of duality between Crash and his arch-nemesis, Neo Cortex.

Scorsese is tapping George Clooney to play the titular hero, and is intending to do as much of the visual effect work practically as possible, meaning that Clooney will act on-set, in a bandicoot suit.

Christopher Walken is currently in talks to play Neo Cortex, and whispers are going around that Jodie Foster may appear as  Coco Bandicoot.

You heard it here first,

Brad Canze, the CM Life Movie Dude

Happy April First!


One Response to “Film: HUGE news”

  1. Frank Says:

    Love the April Fools Joke, Brad. Though who WOULDN’T want to see that movie

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