Drag Queens Invaded My Closet


Last night I had the opportunity to attend the drag show hosted by the Office of Gay and Lesbian Programs. Not ever going to a drag show, it was probably one of the most entertaining experiences I’ve had. The emcee Sabin was the highlight of the show with her raunchy language and audience interaction.

But of course I have to make this about the fashion which was everything I expected and then some. Flashy one pieces and rear riding dresses accessorized with master bling…tres chic!

It did give me some inspiration for my own wardrobe. Not to say you will see me coming to class in a spandex leotard and corset (although not far from what I see at the bar sometimes), but I do believe we need to take more chances when it comes to what’s in out closet. Maybe instead of just wearing a monotonous sweater, dress it up with a flashy piece of jewelry or wear a pair of funky tights under a dull dress.

I also believe women can learn a lot from drag queens. Sometimes we focus to much on our flaws and forget to flaunt our assets (disclaimer: do not show up to class in bar clothes). Be proud you have freedom of fashion! Peace all~Ashley Barlow


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