Capes, X-ray Vision and Masks…On the Catwalk Baby on the Catwalk


Superhero inspired garb is splashing the pages of Vogue and Nylon, a tribute to an exhibition starting May 7 through September 1 at New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. The somewhat uber geek chic trend has inspired everything from capes and cuffs to t-shirts.

I don’t truly think people will start running around campus in latex body suits or creating alter-egos (that we know of) but there is an easy way to incorporate some of this new trend into your wardrobe. Start by looking for some major Wonderwoman cuffs (most likely one, you don’t want to over do it), or sport some sexy shiny black leggings ala Catwoman (not the Halle Berry version).

Check out some of the fashion pics inspired by super powers. 




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