Film: Brought to you today by the Letter “W”


“W” as in “Wachowski,” “George W.,” and “Widget,” just because it is an awesome word.

“Speed Racer” sees its wide-release today, so you had better believe there is a review on

Sorry for those who were waiting with bated breath for a “What Happens in Vegas” review, but I don’t think it’s gonna happen.

Onto our second “W,” earlier in the week, I will continue coverage of Oliver Stone’s Bush Jr. biopic, “W.” released a photo of star Josh Brolin made up as George W. Bush, and so as I did for the released Watchmen character shots, I will present a actor-character photo comparison for your consumption.

The Actor:

The President:

The Result:

Truly bizarre.  If a judgment could be made from this one photo, I would guess Stone and Brolin are going for a dark, dramatic, potentially slanderous angle on our Commander in Chief.  It will be interesting to watch this develop.

As always, direct all comments, compliments, rants, raves, and death threats to the comment box below, or

Stay in school,

Brad Canze, the CM Life Movie Dude


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