Film: The ups and downs of cafe blogging


I’m feeling rather sloth-like, with how sporadic updates are getting.

At the very least, I’m getting more updates in than the other reporters that blogged here throughout the schoolyear. Meaning, like, any at all.

I am in a popular downtown coffee shop in Midland right now, which only illustrates how much more I like the Mount Pleasant coffee shops. In Mount Pleasant, the rules of coffee shop behavior are engraved. No matter group size, you claim your seats, order your drinks and whatnot, sit down, and have your conversations and go about your business at a reasonable volume, as to allow all others in the shop to do the same.

Here in the Midland cafe, large herds of kids (and I use that term as a regretful generalization, as many are my age or older) loudly joke and yell, trying to impress their group of friends and assert themselves as useful to this shallow microcosm of humanity in which they have entrenched themselves. The yelling, laughing, shouting, and group conversing on superfluous meaninglessness disturbs any other patrons in the shop that are trying to work, have a quiet conversation, or just enjoy a beverage. It’s the Borg Collective as irritating post-adolescents.

Anyways, this is less related to the topic of movies, and more related to my lament that my headphone volume won’t go up loud enough to drown out these inconsiderate twits. On to business!

It is my understanding that as far as the box office returns go, “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” did very well, in the first weekend alone taking in roughly $16 million for each word in its title (roughly $150 mil total, for those keeping count). However the fact remains, that I did not like it very much. Link goes to my review, as per usual. Take it for what you will, but if you’re interested in the film, chances are you’ve already seen it.

Michael Travis-Schuler, proprietor of the Hall Of Heroes, the best comic shop in Mount Pleasant, called me an idiot for disliking this new attempt at an “Indy” flick. If you agree with him or with myself, feel free to express so in the comments.

Next order of business is “The Strangers,” which Foxy Frank and I both reviewed. Although he seemed far more positive about the movie than I did, we both ended up giving it a 3 out of 5.

I suppose there is no accounting for taste, OR a five-point rating scale.

On a downer of a tangent, Frank Wisswell has moved back downstate, due equally to his desires to enter the working adult world, and the fact that his apartment lease ran up.  Regretfully, this dizzyingly talented writer and fantastic friend’s journey with CM Life has come to a close, barring any reviews he sends in from home, which I don’t know if he’s planning on or not.  All I know is I won’t be watching movies with him to review anymore, and this makes me pout like a child.

Finally, CM Life Staff Reporter Maria Spicketts, more often than not a political reporter, throws her hat into the movie ring with her review of Sex and the City.

In the prospect of fairness, I will do her a turn and throw my hat into the political ring, for but a brief moment.

Hat-throwing over.

As always, comments, concerns, suggestions and death threats can be directed into the comments, or directly at my face via

Right on.

Brad Canze, the CM Life Movie Dude


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