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Seam Ripper: Underwear Designer Creates Goodwill

February 14, 2008

*Seam Ripper will be a ongoing column informing CMU about interesting and obscure happenings in the fashion industry. The information is compiled from fashion news outlets and other blogs…enjoy!

The man behind iconic underwear brand Joe Boxer is lending his artistic skills to the forgotten. Designer Nick Graham is combining efforts with a local San Francisco Goodwill store (Filmore and Posts St.)  to revamp second hand clothing.

The project called William Good started putting designs back on Goodwill’s shelves last November. The way it works is after a garment has been on the floor for 30 days and still remains, Graham takes his stock and re-creates the forgotten fashions. He then puts them back on the shelf where they will hopefully sell. Goodwill hopes this will become a nationwide project as recycling fashion contributes to helping the environment.

Currently the William Good site is up and running and many recent creations can be found at:

Also I found some of the great thrift finds on eBay. Although a little more expensive than a typical $3 sweater, most items were between $20 to $50.  It seems like a hefty price for used clothing but when you realize some of the proceeds go to Goodwill and your also getting a one of a kind piece, the price tag seems minimal. Peace all~Ashley Barlow

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